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FacSIMS Support

SASS Filemaker and Online Database Support (Science Administrative Support Systems: Filemaker, Room & Equipment Booking, Online Forms and Databases)

Report poor wireless reception and other problems with campus wireless connectivity directly to SFU IT Services.

New!- View your Support/Ticket Requests

How to tell IT Services about phishing/ spam emails.

Photocopier/Scanner Setup (MFD) (must be done on campus or connected to VPN)

Information on SFU Mail

  Overview /  Getting Started / Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird Setup / Mobile Device Setup

Information on Software, Wireless, Outages, Linux, etc.

SFU IT Services
Best source of Information specific to SFU. However, most support requests to them will get a response to contact your local IT support (us!).
Software Available at SFU
Be sure to check this before you purchase software.
IT Services for Researchers
High-performance computing, Linux support, and other services.
Wireless Setup
In General, first connect to SFUNET, [then in your browser connect to,] then follow the instructions for making a connection to SFUNET-Secure. You cannot connect to these without installation of a certificate on your device (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android)- just entering your password will fail.
SFU IT Services Twitter
First Place to go to see if there are general network/system problems and you can't access this page :)

Faculty of Science IT Support Page