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Dean of Science

Earth Sciences




Statistics and Actuarial Science

FacSIMS Support

SASS Filemaker and Online Database Support (Science Administrative Support Systems: Filemaker, Room & Equipment Booking, Online Forms and Databases)

Photocopier/Scanner Setup (MFD). Setup MUST be done on campus

SFU Mail
  Overview /  Getting Started / Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird Setup / Mobile Device Setup

Information on Software, Wireless, Outages, Linux, etc.

Faculty of Science IT Support Page

SFU IT Services
Best source of Information specific to SFU. However, most support requests to them will get a response to contact your local IT support (us!).
Software Available at SFU
Be sure to check this before you purchase software.
IT Services for Researchers
High-performance computing, Linux support, and other services.
Wireless Setup
In General, first connect to SFUNET, [then in your browser connect to,] then follow the instructions for making a connection to SFUNET-Secure and Eduroam. You cannot connect to these without installation of a certificate on your device (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android)- just entering your password will fail.
SFU IT Services Twitter
First Place to go to see if there are general network/system problems and you can't access this page :)